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Technology for Kids
Technology for Kids
There’s a science fiction story set centuries into the future which details an exciting new discovery.  The reader is kept in the dark about just what the mystery is until the very end of the story.  On the last page we find that someone has discovered how to do simple mathematical computation without the use of a calculator.
Maybe the story is not so far in the future for kids today.  However technology is here to stay and in and of itself, is neither good nor bad.  That means that it's up to us as users of the technology to make the choice for ourselves and our children for just how we are going to use it.
One area of technology that is of a concern to many parents is the Internet.  Here are three sites that offer healthy fun and interesting knowledge for kids.
The first is www.brainpop.com.   This site offers some free information in the categories of science, social studies, English, math, arts and music, and health.  A home subscription for complete access to the information is available for $99 a year, as well as subscriptions for teachers, school districts, individual schools, and home schools.  The site is easy to navigate, the links are pictures, and cartoon characters deliver the information in animated form. 
The second site is www.spacekids.hq.nasa.gov.  On this site you can send your name to Mars, view images of a meteor storm, see satellites built by children, study the sun in detail, and learn astronomy.  This site is free.
The third and final site is www.imaginationcubed.com.   This is a free site offered by General Electric that allows kids (of all ages) to use their mouse as a drawing tool.  Kids can draw with a pencil, change colors, add different shapes, invite a friend, or send their drawing in an e-mail.  This site is free.
For parents who want to help their children surf the Internet in a very positive way you can find additional sites for kids by Googling “technology for kids".   
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